Keyser Question and Answer

July 8, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

All officials and employees from the City of Keyser and Mineral County are invited to provide answers and discussion to their citizens. Social issues, financial, whatever the concern may be and regardless if one is running for office or not.

This is to create ongoing discussions with citizens optionally remaining anonymous to improve Keyser and Mineral County.

Monday July 20th, Meet and Greet 6:30 pm. The indie on Main, 15 N Main St..

City/County RSVP:
Question and Answer format:

People may submit questions at the door or email them to [email protected] (please say if you wish to remain anonymous)

This is a perfect time for everyone to collaborate, get onboard with current issues, to solve future issues.

- City of Keyser WV
- Gary G. Howell
- All candidates running for any seat.

- Mayor Damon Tillman (remote)
- Curtis Perry, council candidate
- Billy Meek, councilman
- James Lough, council candidate
- Jim Hannas, council candidate
- Elwood Junkins, council candidate


"Creating a better Keyser. Your Keyser." My Keyser looks to collaborate with citizens and officials throughout Keyser and Mineral County in effort to create healthy, progressive discussion. 631-663-1317

My Keyser is not affiliated with the "City of Keyser."